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August 2014
Life is a blend of all things wonderful and complicated. Ultimately, life is what you make of it. We’ve decided for the next year (or more!) to live life untethered. What does that mean, exactly? For us it means simplifying, minimizing, and downsizing. Breaking out of the routines that we’ve established over many years. Selling our house and most of our possessions. Embarking on a journey mostly unknown. Taking the side roads, visiting friends, staying extended time with family. Embracing new experiences and cultures, being vulnerable. Slowing down. Practicing patience and acceptance. 
We realize that this is our chance to untether and see what life presents.

October 2015
We left Portland on September 27, 2014 after selling our house, our cars and most of our belongings. Our goal was to unclutter our lives in an effort to downsize, minimize and simplify. To live a life untethered.

Getting a Parkinson’s diagnosis will do that to you, you know. Nudge you to take stock of your life and to really think about what matters. To prioritize your goals and dreams.

For us, travel came out on top.

Click here to read “Then + Now: Our Story”. 

10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Safe travels!!! Can’t wait to read all about your adventures along the way.
    Missing you both looking forward to having you home for a while.

    Hugs!!! Karen

  2. We were so happy we could see you one last time as you headed out. (The Universe does provide even when it seems like It is giving you a hard time!) Years ago I read a book by William Heat Moon called “Blue Highways.” If you run across it, you might want to get a copy. It is about Heat Moon’s travels around the US on those roads that, at the time, were marked in blue on highway maps (expressways were in red) and all the interesting people and places that he encountered along the way. You are wonderful people with great attitudes and I know you will have such a terrific time. We are so happy and grateful that you will be sharing this incredible journey with all of us. Travel safely.

  3. Cheers! Look forward to following you two around. Vinny ask me today where Harry and Kerry where…

  4. Loved reading your blog to date! I’m back home and already missing the adventures of travel. Keep posting, and please give us the good, the bad and the ugly…okay, we obviously want to hear mostly the good.

  5. Thanks for keeping me in the loop! Am envious of your journey! I am missing you big time at SUN Kerry Rae! Will be mostly solo this fall unless I succeed in finding a new sidekick. Katie will help when she can but not every week. Neglected to tell Kristin to limit my class size so have 10 kiddos. Looking forward to following you across the USA. Love, Sharron

  6. Have an amazing adventure and safe travels! If you stay in South America long enough, you might run into Gabby. She’s graduating from high school (I know, can you believe it?) in June and will be taking a gap year starting in September. She’ll be spending part of her gap year in Peru, Chile, Brazil with a possible side trip to Bolivia (my cousin insists she go visit the Uyuni Salt Flats). We’ll be following your journey.

  7. Hi Harry and Kerry! Lori just forwarded me your website, so now I am subscribed! It sounds like you are off on a wonderful adventure and I am excited to ‘read all about it’. I have a good friend in La Paz Bolivia if you will be headed there I can connect you with him. He was born there and moved back about 10 years ago from LA. Anyway, enjoy your ‘vacation’ and I will be following what’s up. Take care! Andrea

  8. It’s amazing what the two of you have seen accomplished and achieved. You both look fantastic and wish you continued happiness with your journey of a lifetime!
    Hugs and Kisses
    Lar and Mar

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