Chile: Valparaiso *Street Art*

Valparaiso is located two hours to the west of Santiago on the Pacific Ocean. The city is wedged into the hillside along the coast. We had a fantastic time walking up and down the myriad of staircases and windy alleyways to explore different neighborhoods.

Valpo used to be a booming seaport, but things changed drastically for the worse when the Panama Canal opened in 1914. Since ships no longer needed to cross the Straights of Magellan when sailing from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Valparaiso took a huge financial hit.

Efforts have been made over the past 15 years to bring Valparaiso back to life. Home to many artists and universities, the city feels very bohemian with all the colorful artwork, murals and brightly painted houses. There were surprises around every corner!


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