Argentina: Jujuy, Purmamarca + Humahuaca *Final Hurrah*

On April 24 we took a short two hour bus ride north from Salta to Jujuy (hoo-hooey). While we really looked forward to visiting Salta, we honestly didn’t know anything about Jujuy before our arrival. Located in the upper northwest corner of Argentina, Jujuy turned out to be a lovely surprise. Besides being along the direct route to Bolivia, Jujuy is also the start of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, which is a 90 mile-long gorge dotted with indigenous communities living among beautifully colored rock formations. Plus, saying the name “Jujuy” is just so much fun!


Purmamurca: Field Trip

While very touristy, this little village in the gorge is home to the Hill of Seven Colors. We took a local bus on a sunny day to explore Purmamurca and hike in the colored mountains surrounding the area.


As we walked through town to begin our hike we saw a woman struggling to push a heavy cart up a big hill on a dirt road. Harry offered to help her and without hesitation she accepted. Together they grunted their way up the dusty hill.

IMG_7483 We had an incredible hike in the colored hills.


Humahuaca: Final Stop in Argentina

The last town in the gorge, we found Humahuaca to be the most authentically indigenous community that we visited in Argentina. We enjoyed hanging out in the main plaza watching the world go by. On our last day in Argentina we made friends with a women from Buenos Aires, which seemed like an appropriate ending to our first three months.



Bolivia Bound  

We had an incredible time in Argentina and feel grateful for all that we were able to experience. Onward to Bolivia!


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